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We're awesome.

Firesong: thank you
Annie: Welcome@
Annie: ! <---that's going to be taking it's rightful place on the throne stolen by @
Firesong: LOL!
Firesong: it's a throne now, is it? :P
Annie: Of course! And it will be an epic battle!
Firesong: lol
Annie: With swords and flaming cheese and a lot of these ****
Firesong: i've got twenty metaphorical dollars on @. he's the underdog
Firesong: *queues up the Star Trek battle music*
Firesong: what spoils go to the winner?
Annie: The Throne of Welcome
Firesong: ahhh
Annie: Plus bragging rights and a pie.
Firesong: what perils awaits the loser?
Firesong: mmm, pie
Annie: Lack of pie, mockery, and a single poke with a sharp question mark.
Firesong: haha! no pie for !
Annie: Okay, this goes on LiveJournal.
Firesong: XD
Edward...Cullen's...eyes...inspired a hat yellow and black hat.Collapse )
Please tell me I'm not alone in seeing the irony.

Dec. 1st, 2009

RandomnessCollapse )

The gift for Yule is done, so I just have to figure out what food to bring. The only problem is that I may have to work that morning, so there's the chance that it MAY have to be something ready-made instead of home made in the interest of getting there on time. Does anybody have any suggestions or general requests?
KnittingPattrns RT @Annie_Nygma Most of my friends are at concerts tonight. I'm knitting bondage gear. It's a good night.

I was retweeted.
By a knitting group/person/thing.
For talking about making ball gags and whips out of yarn.

I win.

Nov. 12th, 2009

Just in case you don't have me on MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook... (when did I become a social networking whore?)
The 90 Day Delinquents, Chicago's own REPO shadowcast, is pleased to announce special guest TERRANCE ZDUNICH on Jan. 23rd. Signing starts at 10:30, seating begins at 11:45.
Tickets on sale NOW: http://tinyurl.com/90DDtickets
Now that the official stuff is out of the way, this has to be said. If I only know you from LJ and you make it out to the show, PLEASE come say hello!

Nov. 6th, 2009

I put in my requests for the Yuletide 2009 Obscure Fandom Fanfic Exchange this evening. I'll either end up receiving a fic from Repo (of course!), Warehouse 13, The Giver, or...
To Wong Foo.
I saw it as an option and couldn't NOT chose it.
Anywhoozle, go sign up if you feel like it, m'loves. I've never done this one before and it seems like a blast.

Oct. 29th, 2009

My dress for Halloween is nearly done!  Adorable, versitile, this is getting worn a lot. Got new shoes to go with it, since I need new pair anyway.  Cheap, comfortable, perfect for work, and in a style I've wanted for years.  I'm so happy with this costume.
More than half the hats are done!  Yay!  I'm also about half-way through with my first sock; those things are so much easier than I thought, just tedious.
From the last post...Collapse )

Oct. 27th, 2009

Cut for bitching. Apparently...Collapse ) Something's got to give. I'm at that point of "what do I do from here?" because I've got a few ideas and they're all scary to me in their own ways. Any advice would be appreciated. Go off the wall with it, I don't mind.